Staying Ahead of the Sci-Fi


NASA imagining a Martian future. Image – NASA.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes writing science fiction can be a right pain in the arse.

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Short Story Competitions: Summer 2017


Summer is here. I’ve got salty palm prints on my laptop to prove it. Given I live in Scotland, it’s probably only due to last a few days, thank goodness.

Sunshine might make it harder to discipline myself towards writing, but it doesn’t remove the impetus all together! Here are three short story competitions I’m writing for this summer.

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Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow


For my reading pleasure this week I’ve been enjoying the delights of Beyond Tomorrow, a sci-fi short story collection with an author list so fantastic that the only way they could make it better would be by time travelling back to kidnap Mary Shelley.

With its original publication in 1965, Beyond Tomorrow, is an exploration of the future by literary titans such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clarke. But with its discussion on the future, it was the delight of the foreword which I enjoyed the most.

“The one simple idea – that the future will be different – used to make science fiction unacceptable to most people… I take this to be a temporary state of affairs, though it has been going on for about a century; you can’t make change go away by turning your back on it, and sooner or later, as a culture, we must find that out.”

So, 52 years on, seems we writers still have a lot of work to do. On the bright side, we’ve stopped using asbestos in our space suits like the first short story implies. So that’s a bonus.


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Flash Fiction: 6 Word Stories


No taxidermist loved his daughter more.

by Ami Hendrickson.


I can’t think what reminded me of this story this week, but it still makes me smile.

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Flash Fiction Series: System Error


The Red Planet

Part 3 of my flash fiction series. This is System Error.

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Flash Fiction Series: Crimson Sky


The second part of my flash fiction series. This week it’s Crimson Sky.


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Flash fiction series: Why?


As a writer I love to dabble in different genres. It seems strange that in a calling so vitally linked to imagination, we might limit said imagination to just one path. However, I most certainly understand the difficulties in juggling projects – that’s why I love flash fiction so much. It’s a format that offers the chance to visit fantastic new worlds in passing, dancing between genres without the need to pause for breath. It’s imagination at high velocity, and it’s glorious.

Over the years I’ve written various pieces that have never seen the light of day. So what better place than my blog to let them free. My first piece is a short and sweet microfiction piece originally written for an Apex magazine competition. Welcome to microfiction horror, with Why?

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