How to sell and how not to buy



A gasp for air. I swim against the weight pressed down on me in the turbulent sea of cliché’s about being busy. Yet as I reach the surface I see sunlight. And that’s when I know it’s a dream. Because I live in Scotland, and it’s November. So though I may be damp, I am not sunny.

I’ve been working hard on the third edit of my book recently, among other projects, but I’ve finally found some Friday Freedom to catch up a little on my blogging. I feel like I should have something profound to say after such a break. Sadly I’ve finished my Christmas shopping today and any propensity towards intelligence has been crushed by the rigid demands of consumerism in the holiday season.

To remind myself how much worse it could have been I cheered myself up with this delightfully festive clip of Black Friday Stampedes in the states. Just proof that the internet saves lives. Shop online, do not get stampeded. If you are going to shop online just remember and try and use Give as you Live – a few little clicks will donate money to charity as you buy things without even costing you a single extra penny. You can sign up HERE, nominate CF trust (as my own recommendation for obvious reasons) or whoever else you feel deserves the benefit, then you’re holiday shopping helps people too. And nobody gets stampeded.

Looking Glass Books

Looking Glass Books

On a more writery note I had my first pitch of my novel this week. It was a far more intimidating experience than I would have liked, but incredibly useful for all that. I should say it was not the lovely people giving me feedback who were intimidating, merely the pressure of trying to represent something that means so much to me. I also had the pleasure of a nice coffee, hosted very kindly as it was by Looking Glass Books. The only problem was I wanted to buy all the books. I had to not get distracted. I was trying to sell my own.

I feel it should be far easier to describe fully a story that I’ve been working on for a year, yet whenever I try to explain it to friends it’s always summed up delightfully succinctly with “It’s about kids and that.” Needless to say you need to be somewhat more eloquent when presenting to professionals. Alas I was not immediately offered a giant wad of cash and a lifelong job in writing like I’ve heard happens ever so often. What I was offered however was some very helpful advice and positive encouragement on what might help me going forward.

It was an incredibly useful experience and one I was very glad for the opportunity for. So if you’re so inclined and get the chance, do it! And if you’re not. Well. I’ll let you know when I get it write! (that last bit was on purpose. Normally I’d let a pun just ride for people to work out themselves. Alas I fear my readers may have noticed that I sometimes get so excited by the letters that I get the words wrong. So just to clarify. That hilarious joke. On purpose. And no, jokes are not worse if you explain them.)

Merry festive season to everyone. Even though it’s November. And I feel dirty just writing that.

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