Happy New Year and a Resolution to Publish

Sporting third Christmas' presents.

Sporting third Christmas’ presents.

As the new year rolls round I find myself reflecting on the words I have strewn out into the world of the previous year. In doing so I’m embarrassed to say I’ve noticed I haven’t posted on my blog for almost a month.

Now in my defence the reason is a pretty good one. My new years resolution of the previous year was to write a book. My work here, as they say, is done. Well for now. I’m glad to say I got what I’m hoping will be the last substantial edit of my first novel prior to submissions to agents completed as of the 30th of December. Well timed to enjoy a new year. I also submitted a very enjoyable piece to Dark Crystal’s Author Quest, details of which you can find here.  That was pretty exciting because I’d marry Jim Hanson for how much I love his work, if he hadn’t already been married, and died.

So with a whole year of wonder ahead of me the next great step is trying to woo an agent. Although realistically it’s the work I’ve done that I hope will influence them to try and woo me back. It’s gonna be a wooey 2014. Thankfully the Writers & Artists year book I received for third Christmas (yes I had three) should go a long way to helping me along that track. Although before that I’ll have to see if I survive eating the three chocolate oranges I’ve already had and the one I have left. They’re like orange flavoured chocolate crack for the festive season.

Because Fez's are cool

Because Fez’s are cool

So only a brief note to wish you all a happy New Year. I’ve included some photo’s of me in various states of stupidity to ease you into it.


Merry New Yearmas.


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