Holidays are coming.

  To The East!

Holidays are coming, and not the ones where Santa tries to force you to buy carbonated drinks. We’re off to Hong Kong and Taiwan for a friend’s wedding! It’s rather well timed really; the final draft of my manuscript of Broken Sunlight has been completed. Annabel, my delightful partner, has delightfully edited out all the random capitals that infest my work like a plague. She has expunged apostrophes that assail my writing like tiny daggers sticking through it’s heart (it’s ok kids, that last dagger was a joke). It speaks well of the progress of the little things she still yells at me about that I can confidently make jokes about some of them now; although not enough of them that she still doesn’t stare her own daggers at me over the top of her threatening red pen. I know I show undue confidence in making light of the small errors that still sneak through. I’m aware that several members of my family will have emailed me details of grammatical errors in this post before the proverbial ink has time to dry.



The good news is though, with the last stretch complete, I can sit back and enjoy feasting like a king in Asia. My submission is in for the Dundee International Book Prize, the rare opportunity of a competition which rewards début writers and unpublished manuscripts. March and April then look to be months where rather a lot of my work is due for either acceptance or rejection. I have a story in the Dark Crystal author quest which I’m waiting for the response to with baited breath. More locally I’ve a submission in for New Writing Scotland magazine which is one of those pieces that made me laugh even as I was writing it, not in despair I assure you.

Dim Sum!

Dim Sum!

 So the stage is set to fly off towards the sunrise. After months of watching the weather in Hong Kong float around the 10 degree mark I’m even happy to see it’s clawing its way back towards 20 again. Not too hot and not too cold is how I like it. I’m too pale for anything else. So the pale marauder travels east, to slay dim sum and feast on noodles until his little belly pops and he can’t get into his wedding suit. ‘Tis such things that dreams are made of.

While I’m in Hong Kong I’ll attempt to write up some more of The Patron. It adds flavour written on soil native to the story, not to mention the exciting chance I’ll have in staying with the man who inspired the legend.  I can’t promise anything however. The dim sum, you understand?

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