The Waddling Return and New Projects

Taipei; best coffee I've had in Asia.

Taipei; best coffee I’ve had in Asia.

Never fear readers.  I have returned.  It was a mighty quest against the forces of dim sum that had taken me away from you this long.  Many dumplings were slain.  I have emerged triumphant, and flabbier than when I left.  It took a mere two days in Hong Kong to gorge myself on enough delicious food to lose months of hard work at the gym.  I don’t care.  That’s mostly why I go to the gym.  It’s basically lifestyle preparation for these short escapes to gluttony.  There was of course coffee and cake too… as you can see above.

The word that cuts

The word that cuts

I’ve obviously not had time to do much in the way of writing while I was away.  The few short pieces I’ve been working on since I got back have kept me busy enough however.  I’ve chosen two projects with rather short time scales, both finishing at the end of this month.  First the Cairn Press ‘On Writers and Rejection’ anthology, which any writer with a bit of experience has ample material to write about.  It’s nice to channel those experiences into something amusing and positive.  The best bit is now we all write using computers the teardrops won’t stain the paper sticking high from the typewriter.  Now my tears puddle around the d-pad.  I call it my inspiration pool.

Tiny Owl!

Tiny Owl!

The second project I’m currently working on is slightly different to the norm.  It’s a project based around some truly beautiful images.  ‘Unfettered’ by Tiny Owl Workshop offers the chance for writers to create a work inspired by the illustrations of Terry Whidborne.  You can see the illustrations here.  I sort of love them all.  Sadly I can only write about one.  The best bit about writing for a younger audience is my own natural flare for childish glee becomes a benefit instead of an embarrassment.  Writing for a younger market is like eating ice cream, but not caring how much of it you get on your face.  Not that it bothers me much anyway.  It’s ice cream, where else is it supposed to go?

So I’d type more, but frankly it hurts.  Not emotionally, but because the first week back from holiday I decided to slice the top of my finger off while making dinner.  Not my greatest moment (not my worst), as I turned up at the Minor Injuries Clinic to explain how I might be mising the end of my finger but the burgers I made were lovely.  It was all a bit Titus Andronicus, without the madness.  Honest.  Anyway, don’t tell my girlfriend.  In truth, the blood all over the kitchen rather gave it away.  Stay safe then readers, and stay away from knives.  They can rather limit your word count if you’re not careful.

You can find a few of the fantastic images to inspire the Unfettered anthology below, all by Terry Whidborne.

Crossing by Terry Whidborne

Swallows by Terry Whidborne

Sleeping by Terry Whidborne

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