Maybe luck is a bad thing?

Every now and again you come across a story so astounding that you want to run off and tell your friends immediately.  Long gone are the days we had to wait until the next day, slowly ticking over in our mind the delicate nuance of delivery as we reveal the depths of our knowledge about what happens if you drop a Mento into a Diet Coke bottle.  I still remember the tension of waiting to discuss how Sharky and George solved their last crime, how Buffy stabbed Angel through the heart or, less embarrassingly, how Gazza scored that one particular goal against Scotland.  Growing up English in Scotland there were a lot of days I brought up that last one.

Thanks to the joy of the internet we can share so much, and pretend that the whole world is watching.  There’s no more need for frantic huddles in the corridor before class, no more disbelief and doubt cast upon the veracity of your knowledge.  Now we can just send someone a link.  So here’s a link to a story I watched today.  It’s the kind of story that, as a writer, sometimes makes me despair.  Because no matter how fantastic your imagination…. sometimes real life just beats you hands down:


And as if that’s not good enough, the epilogue is here.  Astounding.


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