Writing for Heaven

Aside from my usual creative bursts of word onto page, I’ve been most grateful for the opportunity recently to explore further a different facet of my writing. The kind people over at Television Heaven have allowed me the opportunity to write a couple of pieces both for their magazine Teletronic and for the website itself. Now opinions are something I often find myself rich in, so it’s a great chance to exorcise some from myself.

The first article up was a short opinion piece on my 5 favourite British TV shows (I originally wrote UK there but I was unsure about the state of descriptive language post the September referendum and I really wanted this piece to stick well in posterity). It’s a bit of a strange list perhaps, go look for yourself and see. There were many valid contenders. Doctor Who was of course a given, and thankfully it fit seamlessly into the issue of the e-zine that was released. There’s a comprehensive and engaging look at ‘Day of the Doctor’, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Among the more hilarious insights into the show’s history was the revelation (to me) of the 30th anniversary special for Children in Need. Watch the clip below for some real nostalgia. A little bit of Noel Edmonds, and a gaggle of Doctor’s in an episode based around…. Eastenders! Someone was on fire at that brainstorming meeting. Well they were probably set fire to afterwards by the show runner.

Not content with the first small crack shining through the dam that holds back my opinions, the nice people even asked for more. I ended up writing a review piece looking back at one of my favourite television shows as a kid; Knightmare. The words I put to page can barely do justice to the joy that is stirred in me by that amazing show. It is the kind of medieval geekery that appealed to me as a child and I hope I never grow out of. Watch below for a fantastic slice of nostalgia.

And perhaps even more excitingly for those of you who still shed salty tears over the show’s demise; they actually recently made a nostalgia tribute episode as part of YouTube’s ‘Geek Week’. You can find it below. Enjoy. And don’t say I’m not good to you.

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