Gelato and the Ancients.

Ready to Rome.

Ready to Rome

I am returned from Rome, fat with gelato and smug with cheese contentment. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much dairy in so few days. “So did you have an Ice Cream?” my mother asked me, upon the mandatory phone call to announce my safe return. No mother. I had 6.

Rome was all the delight I had hoped of it. The old stuff there is not just old. It’s ancient. There’s ancient stuff everywhere; like divine lego blocks strewn throughout the city. I felt rather undermined in the amusement I myself had felt when visiting the “old sites” of New Zealand while considering how I lived in a flat about 100 years older.


Ancient Cat Sacntuary

My weekend was spent roaming around Roman delights that sneered at the very nature of our silly little Edinburgh castle. The true knife in the side was the cat sanctuary where hundreds of cats paraded around in the ancient ruins. Even their cat sanctuaries are older than our castles. I ate gelato to get me through the stunned pain of that realisation.

In the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to dally through the streets of Paris, gorge my way through the blocks of New York, stuff myself with dim sum in the tropical heat (actually it was pretty freezing) of Hong Kong and bathe in the glow of the overpriced but delicious produce of some of London’s most delightful food markets. I think Rome might be my favourite yet. I even got chance to flaunt the tiny bit of Italian I’d managed to learn with grace, dignity and badly rescued T’s. It’s always the T’s that get me down.  I cared not for T though. It was espresso that got me through. Well the gelato and pizza helped rather a lot also. While Rome was at times a smothering look at tourism in overdrive it was also the sort of place that made it worthwhile.


The Flight Home

I even got a little writing done on the plane back. Given the usual mad dash rush to do as much as possible on holiday it speaks of how much I enjoyed myself that I found the impetus to write my way home. It was a beautiful view on our flight; perhaps that helped also.  The words seemed easy though.  It might have been all the sugar.  Whatever it was I’m back and ready to get writing.

So if you wondered. Go. Roam. See. It’s delicious.

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