Politics can sometimes be lovely.

As a wave of cynicism and anti-establishment voting seems to have smothered our fair nation we’re left in a position that brings salty tears to my poor eyes.  The greatest representation of our nation (in quantity, certainly not in quality) in the admirable European project is now a gaggle of strange men whose only legitimate policy can be summarised with four letters.  FML rather covers it in three.

So as we stare down at the strange rolling statistics that condemn us to our cynicism I thought it pertinent to remind us all that politics isn’t always the devil’s card game.  It can and should produce some of the best things about us too.  Here’s a little video to remind us all of that.  This is a short video from 2013 of what happened when the New Zealand parliament voted in favour of gay marriage.  Bless those Kiwis.

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