Why I Wanted to Help : The Importance of Donors and Fundraising.

Here’s a post I wrote over at Lungfest, you can find the original here – http://lungfestuk.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/why-i-wanted-to-help-the-importance-of-donors-and-fundraising/ #50daysoflungfest


Cystic Fibrosis Josh Turner Me, looking stupid.

Hi, this is Josh at Lungfest here.  That’s me above, looking stupid.  Where possible I try to post photo’s of myself where I’m intending to look stupid.  The sad alternative is the photo’s where I look stupid without intending to.  This is by far the best option.

Having offered my help with Lungfest I thought it would be worthwhile to mention why. It’s not just the positive message, the idea of saying ‘Thank You’ that I loved so much. It’s the whole of everything that goes along with raising awareness and funding. And it applies to everyone who raises money for charity, and in particular the C.F. Trust.

First, awareness; the reason I feel this is so important is because up until 3 years ago I was one of those people who wasn’t really aware. I was diagnosed in 2012. And until then it was just…

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