Health and Safety

Stay Safe!

Stay Safe!

It’s that time of year again when the heat of summer starts to beat unpredictably down on the work place.  With the excitement of football (or hatred of football) competing with the sheer drive to get work done and head out to frolic in the sun it’s very important to remember some basic health and safety to keep summer time safe for everyone.

Working from home as a freelance writer this is something I have to be especially careful of, a fact highlighted most succintly yesterday during a quick shaving of my thumb while peeling an apple. I’m glad to say my thumb survived, I managed to wash the blood off the apple and the apple sauce was delicious.  Now this kind of thing isn’t to be taken lightly, ruined apple sauce is a serious occupational hazard that can lead to years of therapy.  Luckily those lovely Germans have prepared an appropriate health and safety video to remind us all of the dangers.  While I don’t own a fork lift truck (yet…), the theme is clear.  Play safe.  Don’t be a Klaus.


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