Words that saves lives.

Words that save lives.

Words that save lives.

I’m sure any writer will tell you of the importance of words, the transformative power they can have in our lives and the way they can make the world a better place. Well it’s amazing to see one newspaper that took this metaphorical blowing of our wordy trumpet to such great lengths.

A paper in Sri-Lanka has had the dazzlingly good idea of impregnating the ink with which they print their papers with a mosquito repellent as part of National Dengue week, designed to raise awareness of the disease. The goal of this strange and hopefully lifesaving ploy is to fight the scourge of dengue fever, an illness which reportedly has reached epidemic proportions in their country. The clever part is that the most common times to read the paper are morning and evening, the two times when the threat of mosquitos are at their highest. Clever. And the paper isn’t doing so badly out of it either. The first run of the paper sold out by 10am.

I’m constantly amazed by the strange ingenuity of humanity, and it’s fascinating how the simplest ideas can still impress as much as the most elaborate technological concept. So thanks world, for being so interesting.

You can find the full article in the Independent here.


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