Another month, another story.

Those Who Have Left

Another month and another story! Well actually the story was published last month, but that’s artistic interpretation for you.

I was delighted to hear back in the summer that The Irish Literary Review was interested in publishing my piece ‘Those Who Have Left’. Now with the joy of words on electronic wings I’m glad to say that the piece is up in their most recent issue here.

I remember the day that inspired the story, a sunny spring afternoon like the setting of the piece, sitting on the benches of Princes Street Gardens, wondering at the spaces where benches weren’t. It’s great when you find that moment where an image inspires you to that idea you know would translate into a story. I couldn’t help but wonder whose tribute would fill up those spaces. This is the story that evolved from that day.

And just for future reference, I’d want my own bench somewhere far more inaccessible, probably up a mountain somewhere. You want to make people work for it after all.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy ‘Those Who Have Left’.

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