Blood on the Floor : How Writers Survive Rejection

Blood on the Floor

Blood on the Floor

Rejection, we’ve all experienced it. Some of us have cried salty tears into our Cornflakes.  Not me however, I cry into my muesli. But as a writer it’s one of the hardest parts of the job. For every story picked up for publication there are four more that “aren’t quite the right fit.” Sending stories off is sometimes like trying to get into your favourite jeans after Christmas. You’re almost there, but there’s a chocolate orange that has settled in the wrong place.

So it was with much delight I discovered that for once those metaphorical chocolate treats had settled for me just right. The experience of rejection had finally come in useful. And so it was that the very definition of “write what you know,” lent me the strength I needed to craft a story for Cairn Press’ ‘Rejection’ anthology.

So I’m proud to say you can find my piece, ‘The Hunt’, as one of the stories of the very appropriately titled ‘Blood on the Floor: How Writers Survive Rejection’, now available on Amazon.

If you, like me, have cried into your cereal, or know somebody else who has or may one day aspire to, then we’ve got the perfect advice all wrapped up and ready to go. Because while having stories accepted is a fantastic feeling, knowing that other people share the pain of rejection can be a help all in itself.

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