Here’s to a 2015 filled with books!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my dear blog reading friends.

It is with a dollop of delight and a hefty splodge of hangover that I wish you a lovely new year!  I’m glad to say my own Hogmanay (that’s Scottish for stay up late, get a bit tipsy, cheer at bells, get the words wrong to Auld Lang Syne then wake up with a hangover while the rain pounds the window) was filled with good company and fine words.  Indeed my set of the lovely Krampus crackers were on hand to provide a literary start to 2015.  A  year started with literary treats is a year started the right way.

As we travel another year closer to a future where words are beamed directly onto our retina by giant laser robot machines, and the rich musk of a book grows ever closer to extinction, what better way to start than by celebrating those bastions of the written word: the library.

So here’s a lovely link to a project on a photo blog that brings us all the beauty of libraries around the world.  Enjoy, and have a nice start to 2015.


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