January writing opportunities: What I’m trying to write.

Time to write

Time to write

It’s January!  You’ve probably noticed.  And after the festive glut of ample cake and easy excuses it’s time to get my writing brain in gear again.  It’s always best to start after a rest with something light, so I went with a fun little Zombie flash fiction story for a competition run by SFX magazine.  What better way to get you brain going than with Zombies!  They love brains.

Having said that, once the zombies were done with my brain, it was time to get something a bit more substantial started.

I’ve had a few competitions and markets bookmarked since way back in 2014, you know, 2 weeks ago, but I hadn’t properly had a look to see which really took my fancy.  Thankfully I emailed the lovely @viccyiswriting this week with a note of some of them, so it seems like it would be polite to share them with my readers too!

Hopefully I’ll make a regular feature out of picking out a few competitions that look engaging each month, so for now, here is January:


https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/competitions – First up the annual competition by the essential writer’s resource of Writers & Artists.  There’s not only £500 prize but also a place on an Arvon writing course for the winner.

http://palimpsest.blogs.edina.ac.uk/ – A more Edinburgh based competition now, but still quite interesting.  You write a piece based on Edinburgh, a map or a text about the city.  The prize is £250 and your piece added to mobile website/app about the city.  So basically it’s writing immortality.

http://opportunities.creativescotland.com/opportunity/index/e4cde383-ff97-4358-b003-ea4d53c009c3/?Ref=%2F – Another fun opportunity, writing a faerie tale, the four winners will then be read out at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

http://www.faberacademy.co.uk/News-and-Features/QuickFic-competition – I actually keep forgetting about this at the right time.  Faber do a quick fiction competition each Friday, writing a brief fiction piece in the course of the day from a prompt they reveal early on a Friday.  It sounds like a lot of fun, hopefully I’ll remember in time to do it this week!

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