A tour of the City of Literature

Words are coming.

Words are coming.

Ahh Edinburgh, yon fair city of foul winds and fine words. Let us hope your winds be still. But your words are always stirring! Well the wind doesn’t really sit still very often either. And so it seems a fine morning for me to do so, while others are not!

At 10.30 on Wednesday the 11th of February I’ll be enjoying a lovely coffee in the marvellous Looking Glass Books. A hard life you say? Well yes, it is. However the delightful @Viccyiswriting will be doing all the difficult work, as she whirls you lucky folk on a literary tour of this fine City of Literature as part of a live stream for the Digital Writers Festival.  I’m just happy enough to say hello as she and her partner in wordy crime begin their tour.

I’ve written before about how wonderful it is to put pen to paper, or indeed key to laptop, in a city so surrounded by inspiration and the likewise inspired. You only have to take a stroll down our beautiful streets to see why others have found Scotland’s capital such a fantastic home for their writing. Of course if you’re too far away, like the good folk in Melbourne taking part in the Digital Writers Festival, then you couldn’t have a finer guide to take you on your way.

You merely have to browse the map of novels cunningly crafted by the Edinburgh City of Literature to see the where of our literary city. And hopefully Viccy and Jemma can take you on a tour that helps with some of the why.

So plug in, tune in, and dip your toes in the stream.  It won’t be cold (for you).  It will be a whole lot of interesting though.

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