A surreal Sunday story.

odinIt’s with great shame that I realise I’ve neglected my blog for almost an entire month!  In my defence I’ve still been writing, copywriting and creative writing and even a little bit of script writing.  It’s nice to have hobbies right?

So rather than neglect this wordy venue for another month, I thought I’d post a rather surreal little flash fiction story that I had previously written for Faber Academy’s quick fic Friday competition. 

The prompt?  “Today is not a good day for a walk.”  Obviously I went weird on it.


The world writhed.

Before and after twisted together in a dizzying dance beyond my window. I looked out, saw myself returning from a stroll before I’d even thought to put my shoes on. I vanished, only for a flickering flame to take my place. With a fizzle it simmered into nothing. No, the ripples were too strong today. There was no possibility of taking a walk. And every possibility I already had.

The whole house reeked of uncertainty, the damp musk of maybe permeating through the letter box. I doubted I’d get any mail. Today was not a day to walk between.

“Possibility is a devilish mistress,” I muttered, sitting back into my great chair before the fire. The wood creaked as it took my weight. The fire crackled in sympathy.

I picked the book from beside me, some latter tome of other gods. I should not indulge them truly, but we are what we are. Besides, it’s always nice to read about the neighbours.

My one good eye scanned the pages, a lot of sensational rhetoric really. But then you’ve really got to sprinkle some sensation in if you’re selling maybe. I’d given up years ago.

The letter box rattled behind me, a quick shiver as the house pushed back the if’s and but’s that tried to crowd in behind.

“Good old Valkyrie,” I whispered as I picked the letter from the floor.

It was from myself. Again.

Not a good day for a walk.


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