What am I writing? April.

Ready to write...

Ready to write…

Tis a month of fools!  But no month to be fooling around.  With a rather busy working month ahead you’d imagine I’d find it harder to squeeze time to write, yet somehow the busier I am with other work the more motivated I am to find time for my writing.  I knew it was going to be a great month when I hilariously pranked my fiancee on April fools day, only for her to tell me I was two days early and it was only the 30th of March.  Ahh to be a fool who can’t even count the days right.

So what dizzying delights have I to write this month?  Well it’s started rather well, a story half-completed, written for my own pleasure, about a soldier who wants a new pair of shoes.  It’s a tongue in cheek affair, and somewhat inspired by Sir Terry Pratchett who I’m sure we all know sadly passed away recently.  He was one of the authors who’s books really made me love reading as I grew up, so it seems only right to write a story half in tribute to celebrate his success in showing me that never quite growing up is something to celebrate in itself.

Aside from that flippant carnival of delight there are a few short story competitions which caught my eye:

Firstly another little challenge from Brilliant Flash Fiction.  The prompt is “equality,” and the story limit 300 words.  I love writing flash fiction, the challenge of telling a story in so few words is enjoyable in itself, but also shows you the real benefits of tight writing and avoiding word bloat.  And it’s always fun to write a whole story in a day.

Secondly the delightful looking Dactyl magazine has open submissions until the end of April with the prompt “Origins and Elements.”  Again I love a good flash fiction piece, and it’s always nice to see a local Scottish publication carrying your words.

And finally on that note the lovely Scottish Book Trust have an open submission for short stories based on the idea of “Journey.”

That’s a good bit of writing to get done then.  Hopefully by the end of month I’ll have worked out what day it is, so I won’t miss the deadlines!

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