What I’m Writing : June.

Choose your adventure!!!

Choose your adventure!!!

It’s been a busy month at Turner Towers.  Partly I’ve been working on awesome alliterated names to refer to my flat in attempt to make it sound cooler, and partly I’ve been working on actual work. So with little time for writing I feel rather adrift without a story to follow.  So what better time perhaps to write a story for others to follow!

Prepare yourself for adventure!

Prepare yourself for adventure!

I’ve always been intrigued by choose your own adventure style stories, perhaps spurred by my faithful following of Knightmare as a child.  Indeed I rekindled this strange love recently whilst enjoyably dying over and over again in Lone Wolf Saga on android.  The idea of writing something similar has fascinated me. It’s great to think you can write to immerse a reader far beyond the actual story itself, but to providing their own part in it. It’s why I love immersive world building projects like Tiny Owl Workshop’s Lane of Unusual Traders. It’s why I enjoyed writing a brief whirlwind of delight D&D scenario for The 13th Floor. Yes that’s right readers, I’ve dabbled with orcs. Yet i am stronger for it.

And so with what delight I draw from such delicious dabbling, second only to my love of alliteration, I was intrigued to discover a market in Sub-Q that exists wholly to provide such interactive offerings to our digital world. Choose your own adventure has seen a resurgence with the rise of smartphones and tablets, and what better time then to provide an opportunity for writers to take part. So as the light appears at the end of the long, dark tunnel of a hefty workload, so my adventure begins.  It is your choice to join me. Turn to page 40 if you want to get involved. Or turn to page 67, if you’re boring. You decide.

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