Lexigraph: How Words Are Great



Words. I rather like them. They’re a constant source of delight. And the way we interact with them in the world around us ranges from the sniggers brought forth by hilariously bad letter spacing to the downright puntastic fantastic of a well thought out shop sign.

So it’s with great delight to find our digital age mixing even further with this wordy love in the form of Lexigraph.

Lexigraph provides an opportunity to share the weird, the wonderful, the whimsical words that decorate the delightful world around us. In doing so the Lexigraph project aims to make us stop, and truly take stock of the beautiful use of language that permeates our existence yet so often goes unnoticed. It’s also a way to share and connect with other word-nerds. What’s not to like?

It’s pretty easy too. All you have to do is:

1. Take a photo of a word

2. Tweet it alongside the typed version of your word using the hashtag #lexiupload.

No extra words in your tweet. No extra need to tag. Just #lexiupload and let technology do the rest. All you need to do are find the lovely words. And let’s face it, real word-nerds never really stop looking.

So let the word hunt commence!

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