What I’m writing: end of the year edition!

Sci-fi Christmas

Sci-fi Christmas

Christmas is coming. Not in a menacing way like winter, but in a frivolous and exciting array of shiny decorations and delightful chocolate discounts. Honestly the whole season is worth it for chocolate oranges. Oh and this year, the small matter of that Star Wars film…

It also means for this chocolate obsessed writer it’s time to get fingers to keyboard once more and finish up the projects I’d aimed to complete before the end of the year!

Future Shock

Future Shock

If the imminence of the end of the year is a shock, well then what better time could there be for me to finally pen a story for the 2000AD Future Shock submissions? I grew up on 2000AD, and when I wasn’t busy hiding the magazine so my parents wouldn’t work out quite how much red ink was used in the often gore-filled pages I was lost in the world of futuristic judges, ancient heroes or downright strange time travellers. I’d always enjoyed toying with the idea of penning my own words to be put to such fantastic pictures. Now is the time I’m finally getting round to it!

A New Frontier?

A New Frontier?

Next to more science, less pictures, with the Glasgow University short story competition accepting submissions on the theme of science fiction and the medical humanities. I feel I’m particularly well qualified for this because aside from the first 6 hours of the 1st of January I’m mostly human. More importantly with a love of reading and writing science fiction and more than passing appreciation of ill health and wonders of modern medicine, I feel well set to put those two things together in one wonderful elixir of spaceships and sick people. Think Lost in Space, but with coughing. Nailed it.

Anyways, back to writing for me! Hopefully I can post about the results sometime soon.

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