Sound Inspiration


Mechanically sound?

Edinburgh is once more packed to bursting with festival-laden delight. August’s annual Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Fringe make for easily the most exciting month to live in this fair city. Yes it takes about twice as long to travel anywhere, from a dander down the road to the perils of a bus straying too near the Royal Mile, but the pay-off is most definitely worth it. The real art is enjoying enough cultural joy to balance the everyday travel frustrations. It’s a challenge, but one I’m certainly up for.

The Fringe is also a rather fantastic time to find inspiration as a writer. I love the snippets of conversation caught in passing in normal everyday life. There’s so much inspiration to be found in other people’s words dancing through your life as you travel on. Turns out there are a lot of strange people having weird and wonderful conversations out there. But during August, those conversations twist into a surrealist fantasy of whispering clowns and parading performers that inspires the imagination to run wild. Edinburgh be pure mental this time of year.

Potentially my favourite conversation in passing so far this year?

“…it looks mechanically sound, so I’m probably unlikely to die…”

That’s going to make for an enjoyable story, whatever it ends up turning into.


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