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A Friday allegory.

Because it’s Friday, and I’m busy writing away, I thought I’d share something fun instead. Seems like a  pretty fitting allegory for a writer too.  

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Free download – a million words of wonder

If you’re prone to the wonder of words, as I most certainly am, then the upcoming Campbell Awards have over a million to share with you. For free! The Campbell Awards Up and Coming anthology offers up a free download

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Time for a Space Holiday!

As a lover of science fiction there’s real excitement in watching the new passion for space exploration that’s recently gripped us poor fools stuck on Earth. I unashamedly cheered when the Philae lander reached its (sort of) target. I laughed

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Here’s to a 2015 filled with books!

Happy New Year my dear blog reading friends. It is with a dollop of delight and a hefty splodge of hangover that I wish you a lovely new year!  I’m glad to say my own Hogmanay (that’s Scottish for stay

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Writing dreams (and waiting for reality to catch up)

Never fear, this won’t be a deep and disturbing look at the world inside my head as I wake each morning. Such revelations would be sadly underwhelming I fear, unless you, like me, dream far too often of zombies. I’m

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Words that saves lives.

I’m sure any writer will tell you of the importance of words, the transformative power they can have in our lives and the way they can make the world a better place. Well it’s amazing to see one newspaper that

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Sunsets to see before you die!

I’ve always been in love with sunsets.  When I travelled to Thailand to train Muay Thai for 3 months in 2011 I think the thing that stuck with me most (aside from the bruises) were the sunsets .  There’s something

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