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Why I Wanted to Help : The Importance of Donors and Fundraising.

Originally posted on Lungfest:
Me, looking stupid. Hi, this is Josh at Lungfest here.  That’s me above, looking stupid.  Where possible I try to post photo’s of myself where I’m intending to look stupid.  The sad alternative is the photo’s…

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How to sell and how not to buy

A gasp for air. I swim against the weight pressed down on me in the turbulent sea of cliché’s about being busy. Yet as I reach the surface I see sunlight. And that’s when I know it’s a dream. Because

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The Patron – Part 1

During the recent Cystic Fibrosis week I received much in the way of kind words and some in the way of kind donations for which I am most thankful.  This lead me to believe that not only are words more

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My Charities ; Don’t Sweat It

With Cystic Fibrosis week starting on Monday 24th of June it seems like a good time to draw attention to the ‘My Charities‘ page. While many of you might assume, as did the drunk girl I used to work with

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