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Sound Inspiration

Edinburgh is once more packed to bursting with festival-laden delight. August’s annual Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Fringe make for easily the most exciting month to live in this fair city. Yes it takes about twice as long to travel anywhere,

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A tour of the City of Literature

Ahh Edinburgh, yon fair city of foul winds and fine words. Let us hope your winds be still. But your words are always stirring! Well the wind doesn’t really sit still very often either. And so it seems a fine

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The Importance of Pirates and Robert Louis Stevenson

This week the City of Literature celebrates the wonderful Robert Louis Stevenson. It seems fitting then that I spent the day on Wednesday editing a section of my manuscript that deals heavily with the beauty of one of his finest

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Edinburgh; Our Pretty City and Taking a Step Back

It’s funny living in such a lovely city, that one of the aspects I value most about it is taking a step back. I was in London this past weekend, amongst other adventures talking over the second draft of my

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Edinburgh: Our Pretty City, An Inspiration

As a writer who lives in Edinburgh I find one of the most inspiring things for my work is the environment that surrounds me. It’s not simply the beauty of the architecture or the slice of fairytale that accompanies each

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