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Holidays are coming.

  Holidays are coming, and not the ones where Santa tries to force you to buy carbonated drinks. We’re off to Hong Kong and Taiwan for a friend’s wedding! It’s rather well timed really; the final draft of my manuscript

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Reflections on Writing

I’ve recently finished reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Essays in the Art of Writing’, an inspired Christmas present choice from the girlfriend. At first I did wonder if she was dropping hints about the current quality of my work, but she

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Happy New Year and a Resolution to Publish

As the new year rolls round I find myself reflecting on the words I have strewn out into the world of the previous year. In doing so I’m embarrassed to say I’ve noticed I haven’t posted on my blog for

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How to sell and how not to buy

A gasp for air. I swim against the weight pressed down on me in the turbulent sea of cliché’s about being busy. Yet as I reach the surface I see sunlight. And that’s when I know it’s a dream. Because

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The Importance of Pirates and Robert Louis Stevenson

This week the City of Literature celebrates the wonderful Robert Louis Stevenson. It seems fitting then that I spent the day on Wednesday editing a section of my manuscript that deals heavily with the beauty of one of his finest

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My Bravest Hour

It was the most primal of days. Man vs beast. The ancient contest to see who would look like an idiot. I’d first caught site of the monster the day before. There he was, a wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie.

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