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The Patron : the final chapter.

It’s with a hefty dose of shame I realise it’s been a whole year since i posted the most recent, and indeed penultimate episode, of The Patron.  Our hero was in dire straits when last we met!  So the tension

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The Patron Part 10

All things come to an end, and the world of The Patron’s draws ever closer.  A delightful little distraction that started out as a thank you to a kind donator to my charities found here, has become an enjoyable light

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The Patron Part 9!

Since it’s Mother’s Day and I was requested by a mother (not my own) to “hurry up”… (I think she might have sworn more, it was all very threatening) and get some more of The Patron posted.. here we go.

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Holidays are coming.

  Holidays are coming, and not the ones where Santa tries to force you to buy carbonated drinks. We’re off to Hong Kong and Taiwan for a friend’s wedding! It’s rather well timed really; the final draft of my manuscript

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The Patron : Part 8

So it seems that the verdict on the last installment was that it was rather… light.  In my defence, I was really tired and had the closest thing to a ‘bad hangover’ I’ve been able to force upon myself in

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The Patron – Part 7

Well, it’s been a long time since our mysterious noir-hero last graced our blog.  I’m sorry to have left you dangling, literally since that’s where we left our hero too, but I’ll make it up to you soon.  Here’s the

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The Patron : Part 6

Having just returned from a delightful trip to New York city and grown fat on a mighty bite of big apple, what better way to get writing again than with a fine slice of The Patron. At some point I

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