Flash Fiction Series: Crimson Sky


The second part of my flash fiction series. This week it’s Crimson Sky.


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Flash fiction series: Why?


As a writer I love to dabble in different genres. It seems strange that in a calling so vitally linked to imagination, we might limit said imagination to just one path. However, I most certainly understand the difficulties in juggling projects – that’s why I love flash fiction so much. It’s a format that offers the chance to visit fantastic new worlds in passing, dancing between genres without the need to pause for breath. It’s imagination at high velocity, and it’s glorious.

Over the years I’ve written various pieces that have never seen the light of day. So what better place than my blog to let them free. My first piece is a short and sweet microfiction piece originally written for an Apex magazine competition. Welcome to microfiction horror, with Why?

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A Friday allegory.

Because it’s Friday, and I’m busy writing away, I thought I’d share something fun instead. Seems like a  pretty fitting allegory for a writer too.


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What I’m Writing: October


It’s been far too long without an update. A busy year means it’s not only my blog that has suffered, but my writing more widely. Time to change that. Here’s what’s brewing for the future.

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Free download – a million words of wonder

Up and Coming

If you’re prone to the wonder of words, as I most certainly am, then the upcoming Campbell Awards have over a million to share with you. For free!

The Campbell Awards Up and Coming anthology offers up a free download of over 230 short works from over 120 authors in the Science Fiction and Fantasy field.  That’s a whole lot of reading and a great slice of genre excitement to enjoy.

All those included are eligible for the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer, and the anthology offers a great insight into some of the wonderful short stories and other works in the great menagerie of wordy delight from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Get your slice of Up and Coming enjoyment and revel in the wordy delight!

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Time for a Space Holiday!


As a lover of science fiction there’s real excitement in watching the new passion for space exploration that’s recently gripped us poor fools stuck on Earth. I unashamedly cheered when the Philae lander reached its (sort of) target. I laughed with glee as Tim Peake performed his first tumble in space. With every small step towards the success of SpaceX I get a little more excited.

So with the new frontier seemingly closer than ever before, here are some beautiful ‘vintage’ NASA posters that the agency recently commissioned, envisioning the future of space tourism. Enjoy. And if you do like them, you can even get your own!

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Short story competitions. Early 2016 edition.


Are you writing?

Somehow January has almost ended. I’m not sure how. I think a few days must have snuck out the backdoor while nobody was looking. Either way it means we’re almost one month down! How are those resolutions going? Mine, not so bad. If you’re not doing the writing you told yourself you would, here are four competitions I’m currently pondering in the eternal attempt to avoid writers-guilt. Read more ›

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