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Sound Inspiration

Edinburgh is once more packed to bursting with festival-laden delight. August’s annual Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Fringe make for easily the most exciting month to live in this fair city. Yes it takes about twice as long to travel anywhere,

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What I’m writing: end of the year edition!

Christmas is coming. Not in a menacing way like winter, but in a frivolous and exciting array of shiny decorations and delightful chocolate discounts. Honestly the whole season is worth it for chocolate oranges. Oh and this year, the small

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A Short Serve of Sci-Fi

As a short story writer the greatest challenge is telling a complete story with a limited word count. As someone who often loves to write in genres renowned for the sprawling world building, at times that can be quite the

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Finding Life Interesting

Finding life interesting. It must surely be a pre-requisite of a writer? I’ve been growing ever more convinced of this the deeper I delved into medical journals this week in researching for this rather delightful looking short story competition being

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The Patron : the final chapter.

It’s with a hefty dose of shame I realise it’s been a whole year since i posted the most recent, and indeed penultimate episode, of The Patron.  Our hero was in dire straits when last we met!  So the tension

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The stories we love

The stories we really love. There are so many I can think of that other people have written. But the ones you write yourself, they can sometimes be a strange beast. I was thinking of it this week as edited

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What am I writing? April.

Tis a month of fools!  But no month to be fooling around.  With a rather busy working month ahead you’d imagine I’d find it harder to squeeze time to write, yet somehow the busier I am with other work the

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A surreal Sunday story.

It’s with great shame that I realise I’ve neglected my blog for almost an entire month!  In my defence I’ve still been writing, copywriting and creative writing and even a little bit of script writing.  It’s nice to have hobbies

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January writing opportunities: What I’m trying to write.

It’s January!  You’ve probably noticed.  And after the festive glut of ample cake and easy excuses it’s time to get my writing brain in gear again.  It’s always best to start after a rest with something light, so I went

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Blood on the Floor : How Writers Survive Rejection

Rejection, we’ve all experienced it. Some of us have cried salty tears into our Cornflakes.  Not me however, I cry into my muesli. But as a writer it’s one of the hardest parts of the job. For every story picked

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